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“The more AEO companies that form the supply chain, the fewer incidents the merchandise will have”

Date: 05-07-2024

The changes introduced by the reform of the Union Customs Code (CAU) in May 2023, the subject of the online conference organized by the Spanish Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (APA) and held from Feria Valencia.

More than 20 companies in the automatic door manufacturing sector have participated in the online conference organized by the Spanish Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (APA) to learn in detail about the changes introduced by the reform of the Code Customs Administration of the Union (CAU) in May 2023.

The conference, which was sponsored by Master Engineers – Micomdoor, AIDIMME, Instituto Tecnológico and APAExpo by R+T Feria Valencia, was given by Lourdes Morales, director of Numa and expert in foreign trade and customs.

A new framework for international trade
Morales explained that the main objective of the CAU reform is to simplify and modernize customs processes in the European Union. One of the most important changes is the creation of a COMMON CUSTOMS OFFICE, which will allow companies to make their customs declarations in single windows.

"What customs intends is to have real and direct traceability from the origin of the product (exporter) to delivery to the final consumer (importer)," Morales said. "The intention is that in the short/medium term all companies are completely digitalized."

The foreign trade expert highlighted that "all these changes proposed by the EU in digitalization processes are a great opportunity to position our companies in international trade, as long as we adapt to this digitalization."

Morales has stated that what is expected with all these changes "is to generate transparency in data communication, that the scenarios are common and that the information can be shared with the customs single windows so that we integrate all the data customs authorities. In this way all the data can be analyzed and interpreted, providing greater security.

OAS: Opportunities for companies
Morales has emphasized the fundamental role played by the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) in the new customs framework. "The AEO has to be the link that guarantees the traceability of the product, from its origin to its destination," she stressed. "An AEO is more than a seal, it is a guarantee of the rapid, direct and economical movement of goods."

For this reason, the director of Numa has encouraged companies to obtain AEO authorization, since "the more AEO companies are part of the supply chain, the fewer incidents the goods will have, making exports and imports safer and simpler and the Logistics".

Another important change is the creation of the new digital process with customs DATA HUB, which will allow companies to submit their customs declarations electronically.

This conference is part of an online conference program that aims both to provide the sector with relevant and quality information on representative and outstanding topics and to provide industries and the market in general with tools to face challenges effectively.