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Online conference on the new digital process with customs, Data Hub and Common Customs, July 4, 2024

Date: 20-06-2024

This conference is organized by APA, Spanish Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers, with the sponsorship of Master Engineers – Micomdoor, AIDIMME, Technological Institute and APAExpo by R+T Feria Valencia.

Next July 4, from 11:00 to 12:00, the online conference for all interested companies on the new digital process with customs DATA HUB and a COMMON CUSTOMS will take place from Feria Valencia, given by Lourdes Morales, director of Numa.

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The presentation of the reform of the Union Customs Code (CAU) in May 2023 has marked the beginning of a stage of great changes for the customs processes of importers and exporters. Digital presentations highlight the security in the movement of merchandise, the professionalism of customs representatives and the value of the AEO, a figure that will be essential for SMEs within international logistics chains.

The new Trust and Check operators will have a series of advantages and benefits over companies that are not certified, who will not provide a guarantee to the final consumer and will therefore be subject to permanent customs controls.

This conference is sponsored by:


Master Engineers, with a long history as an industry of top-quality automatic doors, has made innovation and design its hallmark. Since its foundation in 1977, it has maintained continuous evolution with innovation and internationalization as the axes of its business project. Master Engineers is positioned on the five continents as a benchmark for the Spanish technological and business level and for Made in Spain.

The Micomdoor automatic pedestrian doors, a registered trademark of Master Ingenieros, stand out for the new generation of microprocessors with multiple features, recognized and valued nationally and internationally.

AIDIMME, Technological Institute

AIDIMME, Technological Institute, aims to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of companies, fundamentally in the field of product design and development, innovative materials, advanced and sustainable supply, manufacturing, logistics, distribution and services processes.


With a century of existence, it is the oldest event organizer in Spain (1917). It has the largest exhibition area in Spain and one of the ten largest in the world with a total area of ??more than 230,000 square meters. Headquarters of APAExpo by R+T Feria Valencia.

APAExpo by R+T Feria Valencia is the evolution of FIPA, International Automatic Door Fair. With two first editions in the city of Valencia, APAExpo by R+T Feria Valencia grows internationally with Messe Stuttgart/R+T. Next edition: May 14, 15 and 16, 2025.